The Dipole of Fear and Peace

Fear, like all effective lies, is a half-truth…it is a necessary understanding, but it is incomplete. Fear is meant to be accompanied by a qualifier, and that qualifier is peace. A contradiction, you say? At surface level, perhaps. But a closer look at how the terms are defined often resolves such apparent paradoxes. Fear is […]


Fear is something all human beings are acquainted with. We know its ugly face far better than we should. It would control everything we do if we would let it, and often we come dangerously close. It bends our thoughts into a twisted knot, a cyclic fallacy, so that we fear even it. We dread […]

A Two-Minute Allegory

You’re at a restaurant, stacking up the last of your dirty dishes, secretly hoping the bill isn’t as high as your mental estimation tells you it is. You were famished. But your wallet is getting very slim (although you’re likely not), and now that you begin to consider the situation, you realize you don’t actually […]

The Illusion of Autonomy

Why are we so quick to enslave ourselves? We say we desire freedom and independence. Yet the moment we encounter something that catches our fancy, we eagerly hand it the power to dictate our thoughts. We sacrifice our productivity to it, letting it carry our minds wherever it pleases. We bind ourselves to its rules of […]

The Devil You Know

A winsome face, a wily foe he beckons, smiling, then vanishes and is gone and whispers behind me as he goes, to where none knows.   Again in the distance he appears, nearer every step, now slipping away with a piece of me spectral fingers snitch days and years, his soft breath whispers fears.   […]