Models, Mathematics, and Reality

  A model is nothing more or less than a mental picture of a reality, whose description of that reality satisfies the full capacity of our reason. The real thing is, in fact, far above the capacity of our reason to grasp. This is why the models we produce must continually be expanded, or else […]

On the Infinity of God

All of our intelligence combined is like the intelligence of a fly compared to You. All of our understanding is like a pebble at the foot of a mountain. All of our faith is like a grain of sand next to the depthless ocean of Your faith. And that is with Your grace. How much […]

God, Science, and the Miraculous

Supposing science ever became complete so that it knew every single thing in the whole universe. Is it not plain that the questions ‘Why is there a universe?’ and ‘Why does it go on as it does?’ and ‘Has it any meaning?’ would remain just as they were? ~ C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity Materialists have […]

What if God Forgave Everyone?

Well, actually, He did. But He doesn’t force people to accept that forgiveness. God is a relational Being, and He created relational people, not robots. I wonder, though, if God’s gift of reconciliation also works the way it does because it is the way most glorifying of Himself. That, after all, is the purpose of […]

The Dipole of Fear and Peace

Fear, like all effective lies, is a half-truth…it is a necessary understanding, but it is incomplete. Fear is meant to be accompanied by a qualifier, and that qualifier is peace. A contradiction, you say? At surface level, perhaps. But a closer look at how the terms are defined often resolves such apparent paradoxes. Fear is […]


Fear is something all human beings are acquainted with. We know its ugly face far better than we should. It would control everything we do if we would let it, and often we come dangerously close. It bends our thoughts into a twisted knot, a cyclic fallacy, so that we fear even it. We dread […]