The Devil You Know

A winsome face, a wily foe he beckons, smiling, then vanishes and is gone and whispers behind me as he goes, to where none knows.   Again in the distance he appears, nearer every step, now slipping away with a piece of me spectral fingers snitch days and years, his soft breath whispers fears.   […]

Strings for Brains

I once heard an analogy which painted the brain as a piano and the mind as a pianist playing on its keys. Unfortunately, I am not quite sure to whom to attribute this idea, but I find it insightful and sometimes useful. If I may carry the analogy one step further, I might say that […]

Energy and Force

The energy in a system can change forms. But if the system is isolated, no overall change can occur on that energy. Depending on the system’s position, its energy can be positive, negative, or a sum of both. This sum will never vary save by the influence of an outside force. We all have some […]

One Thing

What is a feeling? Where does it come from? What is it doing? What is its meaning? Is it good or bad? Happy or sad? Or both? Or neither? Or can it be either? I didn’t invite it, but there it is…or maybe I did, and I just don’t know. Should I stop it now, […]


You’ve been hiding inside of your mind. But it isn’t safe there. There are dangers lurking within your brain that you don’t even realize exist. They are nebulous, elusive; deceptively vague. Their obscurity is a blind. They work without detection, fostering more destruction in their subtlety than the most ominous of outside temptations. No, there […]

The Feeling

Sadness is just an imperfect form of longing. It is imperfect because it is influenced by sin and sickness and death. But apart from these things, longing is not sad at all. It is poignant, certainly, but it is far from sad. It is perhaps the purest and deepest sense we have. This, I believe, […]