A Reflection on Faith

Faith is a very rich and multifaceted concept, almost to the point of being useless as a concept because it is so all-encompassing. But it is precisely the opposite of useless as a way of life, for that selfsame reason. One small facet of this thing called faith has recently been coming into sharp focus […]

Ode to Death

This is a short poem about death. It is not intended to be dark or morbid, but rather to recognize that death is a gift — a means to an end. Like any gift, death has its proper place in the grand scheme of reality. It is not to be glorified as an end in […]


You wake up with a gnawing, aching, chasmal thirst for…something. It is so raw and fresh that you can think of nothing else. The void must be filled. you can fill it by outside stimulus or by inner imagination, or by some combination of both. Both of these are only effectual as long as they […]

Who Are You, Lord?

I have often wondered at the fearless commitment of the apostle Paul, marveling at how he spoke and acted with such boldness, authority, and understanding. I look at myself — my hardness and pride, my weak and halfhearted faith — and wonder how any human being could possibly become what he is. But as I […]