The Devil You Know

A winsome face, a wily foe

he beckons, smiling,

then vanishes and is gone

and whispers behind me as he goes,

to where none knows.


Again in the distance he appears,

nearer every step,

now slipping away with a piece of me

spectral fingers snitch days and years,

his soft breath whispers fears.


I cannot let him take from me

one more moment;

life is but a vapor,

and he the howling easterly.

I set my course toward Eternity;

Truth poised and ready.


Now an old man, a wretched ghoul,

desperate, he rasps:

I must not have what he cannot.

I put Vigilance on full,

he grapples for my soul.


There is silence; suddenly I find

space-time ceases to exist,

a new reality is born.

I am once and always alive;

old man Time has died.


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