The Feeling

Sadness is just an imperfect form of longing. It is imperfect because it is influenced by sin and sickness and death. But apart from these things, longing is not sad at all. It is poignant, certainly, but it is far from sad. It is perhaps the purest and deepest sense we have.

This, I believe, is very intentional.

Melancholy music is the best to me. Not necessarily happiest, but still best. There is something about it that touches the very essence of what I am…that vacuum, that desperate, insatiable desire for something real and true and whole.

There are moments when this sense is both satisfied and magnified, in the same instant. When the Spirit taps me on the shoulder and whispers in my ear, telling me of great and unsearchable things I didn’t know. When He begins to sing, something infinitely complex, hauntingly beautiful. I laugh and I cry, savoring, marveling, pleading for more. It is these moments which cause me to realize that laughter and tears are not incompatible at all.

No, they are one and the same.


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