Degrees of Truth

There are some things that matter. They are deep things, things which require sacrifice. Some of us avoid these things altogether, living purely in the superficial.

This is called naïveté.

Some of us think about these things obsessively, permitting no room for ambiguity and no allowance for uncertainty.

This is called suicide.

The things I alluded to are truth. What we have is a degree of truth. Whatever degree of truth we possess is also part of a disastrous lie. And the more of the truth we have, the more deadly the lie becomes.

Thankfully, there is a solution. It is not to know it all. Neither is it to know nothing. The solution is to know the One who knows it all. We cannot open this door ourselves, but there is One who has done it, and He offers us the key. Though it is often painful, its beauty far surpasses the pain. And it is the only thing that sets us free.


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