On Fantasy and Freedom

It is natural to allow our minds to be carried along by every current of thought that touches them. Every system, every concept, every idea, every image. However absurd or damaging it may be, it has the power to indefinitely control the world we live in. And usually, we don’t much care.

Discipline is just that — it’s painful and it’s hard. We don’t want to do it. Most of us have grown acclimated to a passive, apathetic, comfortable, lukewarm position within ourselves. We don’t really try to control our minds, because we’re usually just as content to let them control us. Many of us even savor it. We relish being the passenger, the observer, the curious companion along for the ride.

The problem is, sometimes our minds take us places we have no desire or authorization to be. And we are rarely present enough to realize it until it is far too late. Our thoughts accelerate at a breakneck rate, catapulting us to a point that is beyond any chance of slowing them down.

What are we to do?

I don’t want to oppress my mind, enslaving it from the inside, sealing it off from all outside influence like the Dame Gothel in the tower of my brain. That is both toxic and ineffective. But neither do I want to give it any leash, because sooner or later, it always breaks free.

Under our authority, our minds can only destroy us. But there is another option, and that is to daily and intentionally give them so Someone wiser — Someone who can use them for good.


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