All Things

There is no classifying God. Not in any sense whatsoever. God is infinitely all things, and infinity by definition has no bounds. Classification sets limits. God has none.

When I say that He is all things, you may be tempted to object, imagining that this concept includes negative “things” (i.e. injustice). However, notice that I very deliberately included the modifier “infinitely”…He is all things completely. In my mind, there is no “thing” that is injustice. It is simply a mental construct — a verbal shortcut, if you will — that we have invented in order to easily communicate an innate lack of justice. If justice is not present in its fullest sense, we call it injustice. If humility is not present in its fullest sense, we call it pride. The way I see it, these terms are not describing “negative” entities, but rather the void left in the absence of real entities. They are non-entities…literally, nothing.

“For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.”
— Romans 11: 36 NASB (emphasis mine)

This becomes enormously influential to how I see God, other people, world news and events, and in fact all of physical and spiritual reality. It means that all the devil can do to antagonize us is attempt to restrict our knowledge and expression of the things God is. It means that those who we tend to label as “full of sin” are not full of anything, but rather in desperate need to be filled. We all need to be filled. This is how we overcome evil with good — by filling what man has emptied with what was meant to inhabit that void to begin with. Kindness fills the void of hate. Peace fills the void of turmoil. Love fills the void of fear.

We will never in this lifetime achieve fullness with regards to any thing. That is, tragically, our own doing, and we must live our brief assignments trapped in space-time bodies bearing the consequence of it. But if wholeness is our desire, the One who is infinite is more than sufficient for our lack. He will fill us in His time, according to His eternal plan.


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