Bad News and Good News

The world is broken. I am broken. You are broken. We know that we are broken. How are we broken? Why are we broken? We are severed from our identity, and we are so because we want to find it in things, people, ideas, or within ourselves. But our identity is not in any thing, […]


If we try to find our identity within ourselves, we invariably come up lacking, because we find that there is actually nothing there. If we try to find our identity in other people or things, we are in perpetual anxiety, because they are contingent and constantly changing with time, and we must always be watching […]

God is God (and we are not)

We do it in theology. We do it in philosophy and psychology and science. We do it in our daily struggle to understand and predict and maintain equilibrium. God is God, we say, but we want to understand Him. God is God, but He wouldn’t ask from us anything that didn’t make sense. God is […]

The One and the Many

The concept of the Trinity has been continually criticized as an impossible and illogical idea. But it is not unique, at least not in its logical construction. In fact, all of reality is subject to the same tension between unity and diversity. The Trinity is merely an instance of the philosophical problem of the one […]

A Hypothesis

The following is a work in progress — the seed of an idea which may blossom or die away, depending on how it fares closer scrutiny. For now, it remains a purely speculative, but interesting, thought… Reality is not a linear, fixed, deterministic progression of events in time. It is rather a realm of God-ordained […]

Asinine Fatuity

God is either the foundation of everything that exists or He is not at all. To say that we don’t need Him is not even a coherent assertion; if there is a God, then we need Him by virtue of our very existing. And it is oddly superfluous to declare our independence from a non-existing […]