The One and the Many

The concept of the Trinity has been continually criticized as an impossible and illogical idea. But it is not unique, at least not in its logical construction. In fact, all of reality is subject to the same tension between unity and diversity. The Trinity is merely an instance of the philosophical problem of the one […]

A Hypothesis

The following is a work in progress — the seed of an idea which may blossom or die away, depending on how it fares closer scrutiny. For now, it remains a purely speculative, but interesting, thought… Reality is not a linear, fixed, deterministic progression of events in time. It is rather a realm of God-ordained […]

Asinine Fatuity

God is either the foundation of everything that exists or He is not at all. To say that we don’t need Him is not even a coherent assertion; if there is a God, then we need Him by virtue of our very existing. And it is oddly superfluous to declare our independence from a non-existing […]

Science and Poetry

There is a popular notion in our day which says that science, in terms of observations and systems of inferences, offers the only valid description of our universe. But this is utterly unfounded. Only circular reasoning can insist on this kind of scientistic absolutism. Reality, while certainly ripe for scientific study, may be described with […]

Science, Knowledge, and Certainty

Scientific data does not, nor can it, confirm either God’s existence or His nonexistence. The debate rages, of course, over which hypothesis is the more probable, and surrounding this debate is a body of fake news and misconceptions that belong to another category of thought entirely (the fallacy, to be more specific). But the fact […]